"Helping Couples and Individuals Reach a Deep and Fulfilling Experience of Life"

A Positive Approach to Alleviating Challenges and Personal Growth


I specialize in in-depth couples therapy as well as pre-marital counseling. Couples should always come in before they think they should. Research shows that couples often wait too long to seek support. I am a strong believer in pro-active couples therapy that improves an already-good relationship, taking it to the next level


I work with individuals on a broad range of issues including anxiety, depression, existential questions and relationship/family issues. I also help individuals prepare for romantic partnership through a 3-month program that helps clients find a relationship and supports the dating process

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a great way to learn how to relate to others better and practice authenticity while receiving valuable feedback. Group provides a safe environment in which to share feelings, explore emotional communication and gain skills that change every relationship, from those in the workplace to those at home


Advances in neuroscience are changing the field of psychotherapy. This exciting new frontier allows therapists to tailor interventions that help the brain and mind grow more efficiently. A working knowledge of neuroscience gives a therapist additional tools to promote psychological resilience, emotional regulation and reduce nervous system reactivity

Spiritual Development

For many years I have taught spiritual development in Austin and nationally in a wide variety of settings. My approach emphasizes personal growth over choosing any particular faith tradition. I am accepting of people’s individual choices and can work with most anyone to help deepen their spiritual life


My blog comprises some relationship and mental health info with random lifestyle, local and miscellaneous tidbits. Whatever I find interesting, really. Any mental health info is general in nature and should not be confused with specific advice tailored to your particular situation. Enjoy!