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John Howard, LPC, LMFT

John is a psychotherapist, educator and spiritual teacher based in Austin, TX. He specializes in the latest methods of couples therapy and trains with top researchers, clinicians and theorists in the field. John combines the latest scientific approaches to personal growth work with time-tested methods of change. He takes a positive, strengths-based attitude in his work with clients. John also specializes in depression, anxiety and helping individuals get into relationship. He offers a 3-month program to support singles in finding a partner and lectures regularly in the areas of relationship health, the new science of partnership, and personal growth.

John holds a Masters in Counseling with a focus on Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Edward’s University and a B.A. in History from the University of Texas at Austin. John educates couples therapists across the U.S. on leading approaches to couples therapy and the new science of relationships. He has presented to the Association of Marriage & Family Therapists, Attachment Parenting International, and presented on neuroscience in couples therapy at the 2016 Attachment, Trauma & Intimacy Conference alongside Drs. Amir Levine and Dick Schwartz. John is a featured expert in Dr. Diane Poole-Heller’s Therapy Mastermind Circle and presented at the Extraordinary Family Life Conference in 2013 alongside Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Shefali Tsabary. John’s work is influenced by international experts Drs. John Gottman, Dan Siegel, Allan Schore, Diana Fosha, Pat Ogden, Sue Johnson, Phillip Bromberg, Don Catherall and others. John has spent six years studying with highly-regarded couples researcher Dr. Stan Tatkin, author of Wired for Love and Your Brain on Love. John is the author of several articles on relationship, a former faculty member at the PACT Institute and at Entheos.com, and blogs on popular relationship topics.

John grew up in New York City to a Cuban mother and an American father who worked on Wall Street and served in the Navy. John’s family traveled and worked internationally and he attended international schools, enabling him to become familiar with diverse cultures. John is fluent in three languages, has lived and worked abroad, and believes in providing multi-culturally aware services in his work with clients. For many years prior to being a therapist John studied with indigenous peoples, learning their healing systems, spiritual and personal growth methods. Studying native models of healthcare, and apprenticing with a holistic medical doctor led to a career as an energy healer. John eventually taught energy healing, helping to train hundreds of healers across the U.S.

John is known for his fun and irreverent approach to helping couples deepen their friendship and intimacy. He also offers therapy groups where clients have the opportunity to explore how they interact and come across to others, manifest their authentic selves, and communicate with skill and feeling. John is also the creator of Ready Set Love!, an online training program for couples. Through the Ready Set Love program, John offers 12-months of important information and skill-building around healthy relationship to help couples deepen their love, intimacy and fulfillment. John takes a comprehensive approach to helping his clients fulfill their highest potential. He puts his clients first, recommending additional resources as needed to help them improve and grow effectively and efficiently.

John serves on the Board of Directors of AustinINConnection, an Austin-based non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of families through new science education. He partners with Health & Wellness companies such as JuiceLand and Kor180 to help spread a message of comprehensive wellness that includes relationship, mental and emotional health. John is an official provider of counseling services to the Seton Healthcare Family of Hospitals and to Whole Foods Inc. He is married with two children and maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Austin, TX.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Austin IN (Interpersonal Neurobiology) Connection
  • Austin Group Psychotherapy Society (AGPS)
  • Texas Counseling Association (TCA)