John Howard, LPC, LMFT
508 Deep Eddy Ave
Austin, TX 78703

How to Contact Me:

You may call my confidential voicemail at 512.469.0535 or email me by using the contact form below. Email is convenient and involves less phone tag, but keep in mind that email is not a secure means of communication and can leave a record. If for some reason I do not respond to your voicemail or email, it is not by intention. Please call or email me again as occasionally emails go missing and voice messages occasionally can be hard to understand. I travel on occasion for business and am slower to respond to messages when I am out of town. When you call or email, please indicate if you were referred to me and by whom or how you found me, your name, phone number (twice) and some good times to return your call. Thank you.


Scheduling Procedure:

To contact me about my services or to schedule an appointment, please call my office and leave a message on my confidential voicemail at 512.469.0535 or send me an email using the contact form below. I usually return emails within 24 hrs and phone calls within 24 or 48hrs. I am happy to answer any questions you have before scheduling your first appt, however if we have difficulty aligning our schedules to speak by phone, it is sometimes easier to schedule our initial session and discuss matters then. If you are emailing me about an appointment, keep in mind that email technology is not entirely secure and can leave a record.

Before we schedule our first session, I typically like to briefly discuss your situation to verify that I am the right person to address your concerns and to also check that our schedules are compatible for ongoing work together. When you call or email, please tell me your full name, tel. number, a good time to return your call, if you were referred by someone, and whom. If you like, you may briefly mention the reason you are seeking support. If for some reason I do not return your call, please call again as it may be that I missed a key piece of information from your message or perhaps the voicemail system did not clearly record it.




$400 for 90 minute sessions*

$300 for 1 hr. sessions

$250 for 45 minute sessions

* 90 minute sessions are recommended for new couple clients, as well as for established couple clients seeking more time for in-depth exploration, but are not required in either case. If the schedule does not have room for a 90 minute appointment, or if time or cost is an issue, you are welcome to book a session of 1 hour or 45 minutes.


Individuals: $200 for 45 minute sessions, $250 for 1 hr sessions


Group: $50 per week (90 minute sessions)


What is the value of extended sessions for couples? Whether you are a new or existing couple client, you are welcome to schedule yourselves for 45 min appt. times. Many couples, however, can benefit from meeting for an extended period of time, either at the beginning of therapy, or if your sessions are spaced four or more weeks apart. Research has found that couples can benefit from longer session times due to the complexity of relationship issues, the fact that there are more people in the room to understand and listen to, and the need to navigate differing personalities and learning styles. There is a greater amount of information for all participants to gather and process relative to individual counseling. The extra time may allow me to assess more deeply in areas that relate to neuroscience and automatic reactions and patterns, and to structure exercises in session that support the learning of new habits and skills. While not all therapists offer extended sessions for couples, therapists that specialize in relationship work often offer them for couples that have the time and are interested. 90 min couples appointments can be beneficial, but certainly are not required, and sometimes my schedule won’t cooperate with setting them up. 45 min sessions are still effective and may be the right choice depending on my schedule and your needs as clients.

Payment: Payment is due at the time of each session. While I have an office manager, you may pay me directly. I accept all major credit cards as well as checks and cash. Most of my clients place a credit card on file that my office manager then processes after each appointment. I have a form for you to fill out at our first appointment if you wish to do that. If your card expires at some point during treatment or ceases to work for any reason, my office staff will be in touch to renew your card information. If you plan to submit any invoices to your insurance carrier for out-of-network coverage, if you plan to deduct your therapy expenses, or if you just want emailed receipts to help you record and track therapy expenses, I require notice up front at the start of treatment so that my office staff can track and produce the necessary information and paperwork. Keep in mind that any filing for insurance reimbursement requires an official mental health diagnosis and such information has been known to be accessible to third parties under certain conditions, meaning that the insurance record of treatment may not be as private as my own records of our work together. Some individuals who work in cash-heavy industries or want maximum privacy around their therapy sessions like paying in cash and that is fine.

Client Forms:

Please print and fill out both the Client Information and the Informed Consent forms and bring them to your first appointment. You may review the state-mandated HIPAA Privacy Notification below. Your signature on the Informed Consent form indicates you have been provided with this Privacy Notification.

For Couples:

Couples Client Information Form

Couples Informed Consent Form

For Individuals:

Individual Client Information Form

Individual Informed Consent Form


State of Texas Privacy Notification


Office Directions:

My office is located at 508 Deep Eddy Ave, Austin, TX, 78746. It is a two-story, tan and brick building, right behind the Chevron on Lake Austin Blvd. To get here, you can take Mopac (Rt. 1) and exit Lake Austin Blvd, or take local streets Enfield or Exposition. Turn onto Deep Eddy Ave (in the direction of the neighborhood, not the pool), and turn into our parking lot. There is parking in the front, side, and rear of the building. If those spots are full, feel free to park on the street anywhere around the block. My office is on the upstairs level, and the stairs are by the front entrance. My waiting room is on the right when you walk in. Restrooms are by the front door after you enter the upstairs. Please make yourself comfortable in the waiting room. I will come out and greet you when my previous session has ended. I do not use the light switches some therapists use to denote your arrival–I use the time we have scheduled in my calendar. Keep in mind that at times I may be running 5-10 min late.



If you are currently in crisis or if your situation is an emergency, please call 911 or the Austin Integral Care Crisis Hotline at 512-472-HELP (4357). The hotline is staffed by licensed counselors 24/7. Callers receive “immediate assessments, crisis intervention services if needed and referral to additional community resources. If the caller is in imminent danger, a staff member will contact 911.”

It is important to know that my practice is focused on long-term support of life goals and is not set up  to respond to any immediate crisis or immediate need for appointments. Sessions are booked weeks or more in advance and it is often not possible for me to see you outside of those scheduled sessions. Therefore if you are an existing or prospective client and in crisis or in any type of emergency, please call 911 or the mental health hotline mentioned above. My Associates, also trained, licensed therapists, are more available to see you on short notice should you need such support.

Thank you for your interest in my services. I look forward to speaking with you shortly about your situation.


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