Spiritual Development

My approach to spirituality is non-denominational and fully accepting of all lifestyle norms and beliefs. I have taught spiritual development for over a decade in Austin and nationally in a wide variety of settings. My approach emphasizes personal growth over suggesting any particular faith tradition. I am accepting of people’s individual choices and can work with anyone to support the deepening of their spiritual life.

Spirituality represents a person’s deepest thought and feelings, often connected to the way a person views life, their own purpose, and possibly a relationship with a higher power. Some call these existential issues. Certain events in life can bring up our deepest emotions and cause us to question the nature of reality.

While there are many forms of spirituality, spiritual development generally refers to a process of becoming more loving, open, and tender toward ourselves and others through an examination of thought and engagement in practice. Qualities such as strength, patience, and acceptance are also cultivated. The mind is made more resilient and flexible; the body, more relaxed. We learn to handle adversity with grace rather than react from fear or defensiveness.

Spiritual development, in a nutshell, can be thought of as expanding the playing field of consciousness and experience so that the unpredictable events of life are manageable and enjoyable. It is similar to psychological growth, but framed in a spiritual manner, such as in faith, a relationship with the Divine, God, Nature, Spirit, Energy, Oneness, or through contemplative practice. The world’s great traditions of spiritual development share primary components that facilitate growth. I work with the important common factors of such traditions to help you deepen your spiritual life and practice.

John offers ongoing spiritual development groups for the budding mystic and the curious soul. These groups focus on deepening one’s spiritual life and experience through instruction and practice and also offer the support of a small group of like-minded people. If you are interested in applying to one of these groups, send John an email or call his office.

To read more about John’s approach to spiritual development and his groups, click here to read one of his articles published by the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society: Spirituality in Group Process, AGPS Newsletter, April 2014