I work with individuals on a broad range of issues including anxiety, stress, depression, existential questions and crises, and relationship/family issues. I also help individuals prepare for romantic partnership through an intensive 3-month program that helps clients through the dating and courtship process.

Individual psychotherapy is helpful in a number of ways. It affords the client dedicated attention each session on the issues of his/her choice. Individuals benefit from a therapeutic relationship that is both compassionate and challenging in order to stimulate growth in a safe and trusted environment. As the therapy relationship deepens, more material rises to the surface to be explored and ultimately transformed.

I like to use a mix of talk therapy, in-depth, holistic exploration of issues, and experiential work such as mindfulness, body awareness, and role playing in order to help my clients reach their goals. I believe in a fair, genuine, caring and authentic therapeutic relationship with clients. Although I work from an interpersonal, attachment-based and emotion focused perspective, I am not averse to an honest discussion of mental health issues. When appropriate, I believe in discussing mental health diagnoses and their effective treatment in a collaborative fashion with clients. Depending on the issues present, I occasionally refer to specialists in certain areas in order to ensure the most effective care for each client.