• Couples Work.  I specialize in working with adult couples. While I don’t mind helping couples clarify whether they want to stay together, my services are best tailored toward partners who plan to stay together. Couples work is its own niche in the therapy world; it is important that a couples therapist have specific training in this area. I have over ten years’ experience seeing couples, and have trained in various couples therapy models. My approach to couples work is guided by the research and clinical models of Drs. Stan Tatkin, Sue Johnson and John Gottman. Dr. Gottman is the leading couples researcher in the world, having studied what makes a great relationship (and a bad one) with scientific rigour for over 40 years. Gottman’s therapy model builds on that research to facilitate healthy communication and respectful interaction. Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C) is the most empirically-validated method of couples therapy and highlights the great importance of emotional attunement between partners. I also studied with Dr. Stan Tatkin, a pioneer in the field of interpersonal neurobiology, for five years. Dr. Tatkin is the author of Wired For Love and Your Brain on Love. Dr. Tatkin’s attachment-based model helps partners diffuse conflict and enhance security by understanding how each partner’s brain and nervous system reacts automatically to the other. This model develops humor, compassion and the skill to manage differences in a relationship. My style in couples therapy work is challenging, but we work efficiently and quickly, maximizing your time and money spent on the process. We get to the bottom of issues, and then re-build relational security from the ground up.
  • Pre-Marital Counseling. Research now recommends pre-marital counseling for all couples regardless of religious affiliation. A minimum of three sessions is recommended. Pre-marital counseling is offered in many churches, but these programs are often not as in-depth as pre-marital counseling with a relationship specialist. Quality pre-marital counseling is a great start to a lifetime commitment in relationship because it will probe key areas to make sure partners are prepared for challenges, verify that important topics have been discussed, and help impart the skills to de-escalate conflict and embrace differences. The secondary benefit is a relationship with a qualified couples counselor in case you need support in the future.
  • Anxiety. Anxiety is a very common problem these days. I specialize in the reduction of generalized anxiety and the treatment of specific anxiety symptoms. Recent research has highlighted the effectiveness of mindfulness-based strategies as well as body-oriented counseling in the reduction of systemic anxiety. It is also important to understand when medical treatment is called for and how it can supplement the counseling process when needed. I use a variety of strategies with clients including mindfulness, a warm and empathic therapeutic relationship, emotional regulation development, self-compassion, increasing arousal tolerance, meditation, diet, somatic strategies, understanding when trauma is at the root of anxiety and working with medical professionals when necessary.
  • Depression. Another common ailment. Most depression goes untreated, which can have negative results not only on one’s quality of  life, relationships and psychology, but also on the structure of the brain and life span. Depression is physiological as well as psychological, and requires treatment on both ends. It is helpful to work with a therapist who understands both and can help address the depression from multiple angles. Medical treatment is considered when necessary, but many lifestyle modifications are recommended and can serve as useful points of initial treatment. A good therapist will work on resistance to treatment as such is very common among depressed clients. Depression is also linked to increased substance use and abuse, important factors to consider in treatment.
  • Singles Looking For Relationship. I offer a three-month program to help individuals find and prepare for their next relationship, choose well, and navigate the dating process. My program explores who you are, psychological blocks to creating relationship such as negative or pessimistic beliefs, and gets specific in defining desired qualities in a partner. The last third of the program is a practical stage in which the strategy of finding of a partner is actively implemented with regular support.
  • Spiritual Development. I help individuals deepen their spiritual life, explore mystical and existential dimensions, and reach spiritual development goals. With over a decade as a spiritual teacher and having received training in a variety of spiritual traditions, I rely on common factors in diverse world traditions to support my clients in their development. I am comfortable teaching spiritual development from a secular perspective, as well as embracing the diversity of traditions from around the world. Specific instruction in Sufism is also offered for those interested. I run three spiritual development groups of 10 clients each where membership is opened to prospective new clients once per year. Individual sessions may also be used to deepen spiritual growth.